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Frequently asked questions


What are your hours?

Monday – Friday from 8:30 to 5:00.

I have to travel from far away. Can I bring my pet in on Saturday?

We are only able to see emergencies on Saturdays. Emergency surcharges apply (vet, assistant or nurse, some labs). When pets have longstanding problems most clients find that it is more cost effective to use the money they would spend on after hours’ surcharges to pay for the tests that investigate the problem. Many of the more specialized lab tests can’t be run on the weekend and samples may deteriorate if stored over the weekend.

Why don’t you offer appointments on weekends?

See above. In addition, Dr Böhm is the only vet here. She usually spends weekends writing papers or new talks, looking after ill patients, doing the books or addressing other practice management issues. There is not enough time for her to attend to routine cases on weekends as well.

What services do you provide?

Consultations, blood pressure checks, ECG, ultrasound, ultrasound guided sampling, X-rays, endoscopy, CT and MRI scanning, intensive care for cases with complex medical problems, advice to other vets. See also referral for owners and services

What is a referral hospital?

This means that our patients are usually referred to us by other vets. Dr Böhm is a specialist like your physician in a human hospital.  Physicians are the detectives of the veterinary world. They find the underlying problem in complex / rare diseases (see also what is a specialist). Animals are referred for 2 main reasons

-      the primary vet can’t figure out what is causing the problem

-      the primary vet has a relatively good idea what is going on but the patient needs a procedure that the vet can’t offer eg an ECG or a cardiac ultrasound examination.

Referrals are received from 17 practices in PE and also as far as from Mosselbay, Queenstown and East London.

Must all patients be referred by a vet?

We do prefer referrals, yes. If your pet has a problem that falls within Dr Böhm’s area of expertise you may refer yourself (effectively come to see us for a 2nd opinion), but we will need to contact your GP vet to ask for the pet’s history.  This is a legal requirement and cannot be avoided. The law is there to protect your pet – it makes sure that all the vets treating your pet know exactly what the other one is doing / has prescribed so conflicting medication is avoided. It also prevents us repeating tests unnecessarily. We will gladly contact your vet on your behalf.

Can I bring my pet without an appointment?

We advise against this. Our appointments are usually about 1 hour long. We encourage you to make an appointment because we will see clients that do have appointments first. If you arrive without one, you may have to wait several hours to be seen.

We have an emergency. Can we come straight away?

In principle, yes. PLEASE DO PHONE AHEAD so we can reschedule other appointments to accommodate your emergency. This allows us to focus our full attention on the emergency case. If we have an idea what the problem is, we can also start preparing drips, blood transfusions etc before the patient arrives.  If we haven’t seen this particular pet before we will definitely need to speak with your normal vet as well – as soon as possible.

What is the SAVC?

South African Veterinary Council. All vets and nurses have to be registered. SAVC handles all legal aspects of the veterinary industry. Have a look at their website for more information

What is the SAVA?

South African Veterinary Association. Membership is voluntary and is open to registered vets, veterinary students and veterinary nurses. SAVA organizes continuing education and congresses, sends out newsletters and formulates policies and position statements on controversial issues affecting veterinary practice. For more information, have a look at

What animals do you treat?

Dogs and cats only.

Do you board pets?

No. In exceptional circumstances we may agree to board a patient with a complex medical problem that is already under our care. This decision is made on a case by case basis. In general, your pet is likely to be more comfortable at home with a pet sitter or in a boarding kennel where (s)he is likely to get more exercise than in the hospital

Can I pay off my account?

No, unfortunately we are not a licensed credit provider and do not run accounts. We do however have facilities for credit cards and debit card payments.

Do you take cheques?

Bank guaranteed cheques yes.

Do you take credit cards – if so which?

We accept all bank cards.

Do you give a senior citizen’s discount?

Unfortunately not, our prices are already as low as possible.  We are not able to give a further discount. If you have a specific budget that we need to stick to, be sure to tell us about this during the first appointment and we will see what tests we can prioritise.

Do I have to pay a deposit when my pet is hospitalized?

Yes please. We will give you a cost estimate before your pet is admitted. The balance needs to be paid on collection of your pet.

What information can you give me about pet insurance?

We can provide you with a list of pet insurance companies, their contact details and website addresses

My pet is due for his annual vaccinations and deworming. Can you do that while he’s with you?

We don’t keep stock of routine health care medications like vaccines.  You need to see your GP vet for this.


Hospitalised patients

When will we hear more about out pet?

We phone twice a day – in the morning to discuss the procedures that will be done during the day and to give feed back on how your pet has been overnight.  afternoon / evening to give feedback on test results.  If your pet deteriorates in any way we will stabilize him/her and then let you know asap. Please make sure we have all your contact details so we can reach you if we need to

When can we visit?

We welcome visits. Please arrange a time so that Dr Böhm can have a word with you if needed.  If your pet gets very stressed after visits we might advise that you limit or cancel visits. This very rarely happens, but if we do suggest you stop visiting we do so only to hasten your pet's recovery.

Who will look after my pet if he has to stay overnight?

Dr Böhm stays on the premises and will be taking care of your pet.  Routine last check is at 10 pm, then again between 5 and 6 am.

I really liked your service. Can I bring my pet to you for his routine care too?

Routine care is best taken care of by your GP vet – we do not provide many of the services like vaccinations, neutering and routine dental care that your usual vet does.