Referral for Owners

King Edward Referrals is a referral-only hospital. This means that we only see cases referred to us by other veterinarians. At this stage we see only internal medicine referrals.

Patients are typically referred because

the problem is complex and has not yet been pinpointed 
e.g. a fever of unknown origin, fluid in the abdomen of undetermined cause, unexplained anaemia, unexplained breathlessness, chronic cough, chronic diarrhoea (services)

patients need a diagnostic procedure requiring specialized equipment or expertise
e.g. ultrasound examination of the heart, endoscopy of the nose 

patients need complex or intensive treatment
e.g. management of concurrent hormone abnormalities, severe heart failure, acute kidney failure, severe pancreatitis or complicated diabetes, removal of a swallowed object from the oesophagus

If you feel you pet would benefit from a referral, discuss this with your normal vet. Your vet is in the best position to advise on the most appropriate specialist for your pet's problem.


One of our patients: miserable and on a drip with pancreatitis - feeling a bit better and taking some sun - and zooming around the yard with Levi's kong

P1030873 P1030877 pancreatitis better